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The Hunts School Sports Partnership is passionate about providing opportunities for as many young people as possible to grow their leadership skills, gain experience in sports leadership and develop essential life skills as communication, organisation and team work.

We offer young people an extensive sports leadership and volunteering programme through the Hunts School Sports Partnership.  The Leadership Academy is open to young people aged 14 years plus in any Hunts SSP Secondary school through an application process.

What is the Leadership Academy?

  • A ‘leadership club’ for young people aged 14-16 who are committed to active volunteering
  • A programme to support your development as the best leaders and volunteers you can be
  • Training and volunteering opportunities which will help to develop your interpersonal skills, enhance your CV and provide a career pathway
  • A team of young people that help us to deliver clubs, competitions, festivals and events to children across Hunts SSP, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of sport

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As a Leadership Academy member you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend the Hunts School Sports Partnership Academy Conferences
  • Access to nationally recognised NGB qualifications and training
  • Reward and recognition for volunteering hours through the Youth Sport Trust Lead2employability scheme
  • Attend sport specific training courses, find out what leadership courses are coming up on our courses calendar page
  • Access to Leadership opportunities through an Academy ‘Pop Up’ Club throughout the year
  • Link directly to the Duke of Edinburgh programme, leadership units within BTEC Sports Studies, GCSE Physical Education
  • Opportunities to lead at Level 2 and Level 3 School Games Competitions
  • Support and guidance from your school Leadership Academy Mentor

To find out more about getting involved please speak to your PE Department or get in touch with us.

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Lead 2 Employability (formally Step into Sport Volunteering Passport)

Lead 2 Employability is an online system which gives young people the opportunity to log and record their volunteering hours and experiences.  Through the system they are linked to a mentor within their school who supports them in their volunteering and development as a young volunteer and verifies their volunteering hours.


As a result of logging their volunteering hours, young people will receive certificates and other rewards to recognise and acknowledge the level of volunteering that they have undertaken.

Young people who are eligible must be:

  • in education
  • between 14 and 16 years old
  • have an email address and to gain approval from your school mentor

If you are in the Hunts SSP Leadership Academy make sure you register and start logging your hours.

Please note that all cheques should be made payable to ‘Hinchingbrooke School’

Documents to download

Adapted Inclusive Multisport activities course resources:

Tennis Leaders Award

Quote from Leadership Academy Member:-

Inclusive Sport, Adapted Activities Workshop

I have always been keen on the idea of stepping outside my comfort zone and attempting something that I’d never imagine myself doing and I think by becoming a leadership academy member and embarking on courses such as these did exactly that!

The activities we completed included a small (but fun!) game of boccia, where the leadership academy members either learned or recapped the logistics and idea of the game and goal ball, where the leadership academy members were issued eyeshades and the main principle of this small game was to pass a ball around which had small bell sounds using all our senses but our sight, hence why we were issued eyeshades.

Goal ball was much trickier than imagined; however, it does test and sharpen your communication and teamwork skills between other members of your group who are also participating in the game. Not only that, it gives you a vague idea as to what it may be like for those who are visually impaired and in turn, not only does this game improve your communication and teamwork skills, but also in a way empathy and understanding for those for are visually impaired which in turn, can enable you to lead a game of goal ball better in the sense that you’re able to give instructions that make more sense to them and so that they are able to participate and find activities such as these more enjoyable.

The leadership academy members also completed some games involving tables such as table cricket; this game essentially has the rules similar to that of the cricket that we commonly know and play, but the logistics were altered slightly where if you were to hit the ball at the red men which were stuck on the posts around the table, you were only allowed one more go and you were out of the game. Around the table, there were stickers with numbers on them which indicated how many points you’d get. The game was much trickier in the sense that you really had to work on your aim in terms of where to hit the ball which in turn, with a lot of time and practice, can sharpen your hand-eye coordination skills.


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