Team Building

Hunts School Sports Partnership Team Building Events

Our Team Building programme guides children and their class teachers through a range of problem solving activities enabling children to value the individual contribution of all class members, respecting others and working collaboratively to resolve problems.

We also offer Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) to develop problem-solving and communication skills by working in small groups and reading maps.

The response from schools has been overwhelming and many schools have requested the event for the whole school.  It has been very successful in schools.  Contact us to book your school’s event.

This is what teachers said about the event:

‘The morning was rich in learning opportunities, not only for the children, but also for staff who can now access these activities for further work on team building and resilience.’

  ‘The children were engaged and concentrated throughout, as they learned how to work together to achieve the same objective and use their problem solving skills to tackle tasks which required more than one attempt to achieve success.’

 ‘The class thoroughly enjoyed all the team building activities this afternoon.  Several children made really noticeable progress working within a team.  I also picked up some effective new behaviour management strategies.’


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