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Fantastic Sporting Start to the Summer Terms


On Monday 23 April we kicked off our Sporting Summer term with a wonderful Orienteering Festival which took place in the lovely surroundings of Hinchingbrooke House, the weather was also on our side that day and it was a great afternoon enjoyed by Year 4 pupils, teachers and parents from a number of schools in our region.

We had over 20 teams of year 4 children working through a carousel of 10 challenges linking to maths. They were supported by Year 8 Sports Leaders from Hinchingbrooke School who thoroughly enjoyed the experience of helping the younger children complete their challenges.

Teacher Quote from the event “Excellent event and well done. Perfect for those ‘less sporty’ children who still enjoy a challenge and Competition”

Pupil Quote of the event ” It was very good, I enjoyed it because I don’t normally do things like this but I feel energised”

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