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Hinchingbrooke School Year 6 Transition Sports Festival

Former Paralympian Kate Grey opened this year’s Year 6 Sports Festival, inspiring pupils to “never say I can’t”. Kate talked of how she overcame personal challenges to become an elite swimmer and go on to represent GB  in international competition for 10 years, during which time she competed in the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games.

The Hinchingbrooke Music department provided 4 bands to perform at the event creating a fantastic atmosphere enjoyed by all.

During the festival 305 year 6 pupils enjoyed taking part in a carousel of activities delivered by the Hinchingbrooke School P.E. department and 90 trained sports leaders. The sports Leaders were encouraging and supported year 6 pupils to improve their skills across a range of activities such as Tag Rugby, Netball and Quick Sticks Hockey.

Primary pupils met new friends whilst working in the tutor groups they will join on their transfer to Hinchingbrooke School in September.

An Inclusion zone showcased sports which can be delivered to include all young people and year 6 class teachers had an opportunity to try out their skills in these.


Teacher Quotes:

“A well organised event that has enabled children to make new friends in their future tutor groups before the more formal transition days – well thought out, low pressure and fun introduction to secondary school”.

“Fabulously organised event! All pupils looked like they were having a great time”

“A fabulous opportunity for pupils to meet new forms in a relaxed atmosphere”

“Well organised, inclusive, brilliant activities, a super day”

“What a brilliant way for pupils from so many schools to get to know each other. It was lovely to see so many children having fun”

“The day was very well organised – makes a very smooth transition from primary to secondary changeover days. Smiles all round from pupils – clear enjoyment”


Pupils Quotes:

“Really enjoyed it. I’ve already made lots of friends”

“Made new friends, friendly leaders, exciting activities we’ve had a great day”

“Today has been awesome. I love the different activities”

“It has been brilliant”

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