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Panathlon Discovery – Virtual Games Programme


We are happy to announce we will be working alongside Panathlon to bring you a Virtual Games Programme.

Panathlon have created a phased programme of activities based on the competitions that we would normally deliver for SEN children.

All the activities are skill based, using school equipment and are designed for schools to discover the fair play ethos of Panathlon through simplified and varied competitions which we hope will support staff and school programmes, inspire young leaders and develop confidence and self-belief in every individual.


There are currently four programmes available:


  • Multi-Skills ‘Pre-season’

Fundamental skills in Balance & Agility, Target and Throws aimed to be inclusive, engaging and challenging. Activities can run over a series of weeks allowing schools to ‘pick and mix’ depending upon the size of groups, space, facilities available, timetables and current school risk assessments.


  • Multi-Skills ‘Game Day’

Panathlon has selected four activites from pre-season to be run as a competition. Schools can elect to run the game day over several sessions competing as SEN teams or SEN individuals.


  • 10 Pin Bowling ‘Game Day’ (to begin in November)

Sport specific activity


  • Kurling ‘Game Day’ (to begin November)

Sport specific activities


If you would like more information or to enter the above programme please contact


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