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Sportshall Athletics Pentathlon Competition

23 September from 8:00 am19 December until 12:00 pm

We are very excited to include Sportshall Athletics Pentathlon Competition as one of our virtual events this term. The competition is for 2 age groups, Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. The competition is very easy to run, inputting scores is simple and limited equipment is needed.


The competition consists of 5 events which can be done during PE lessons or in a club over the term:

  • Speed Bounce
  • Chest Push
  • Shuttle Run
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Vertical Jump

If you have Sportshall Athletics equipment you can use this but alternatively you can adapt what equipment you have to suit each event e.g. Speed Bounce – you could use a skipping rope to jump over. If however you would like to purchase some equipment we have included the details for this below.

Each school completes the results sheets for each age group (you can do it with just 1 year group if you prefer, whatever is best for you and your school) and the spreadsheet works out who the top 5 ranked boys and top 5 ranked girls are in each age group to give you a team score. You then send the whole results spreadsheet(s) back us at and we will enter the scores on to the master spreadsheet to work out the school positions and leaderboard. Points mean prizes!

You could also run this as an intra school competition, for example in houses in Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 or as a Personal Best challenge as the results sheet works out each child’s individual score and Pentathlon award.

Please see below the guidance notes, score tables for both age groups, a vertical jump scale should you need one:


You can take a look at the YouTube clip below to help see how the events are run and scored:


This is the YouTube clip for how to enter the results if you need help with this:


Deadline for entries is 18th December 2020.


Please contact us at if you need any more information or support.

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