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Warboys Primary School – Key Stage 1 Multi Skills Festival 

36 year 5 pupils at Warboys Primary School were recently trained by a Hunts SSP P.E specialist to deliver a Multi Skills Festival to over 100 pupils from Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 at Warboys Primary School. They delivered a wonderful event….

10 activity stations were delivered to develop KS1 pupils Fundamental of Movement Skills – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. Whilst working in small groups children excelled in Team work skills such as taking turns fairly and praising one each other’s  good performance. Schools Games Values certificates were awarded for Determination, Self Belief, Honesty, Passion, Team Work and Respect. 

Teacher Quotes: “A super morning. All year 5 thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Key Stage 1 are buzzing about the festival” 

“A fantastic morning with all children being thoroughly engaged. It is lovely to see the year 5 leaders encouraging KS1 pupils with such enthusiasm. One child said “It is the best day ever”. It has been a brilliant morning for the children to show their self belief and determination”. 

“An engaging and enjoyable event for all participants. It was lovely to see all the children so keen and enthusiastic”

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