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Year 5 Sports Leaders deliver Sports Science event at Somersham Primary School

Year 5  pupils at Somersham Primary School were recently trained by a Hunts SSP P.E. Specialist as Sports Leaders to lead 5 activity stations at a Sports Science event. The stations included specialist equipment such as Funky Moves Cones (to test Agility) and Crazy Catch  (to test Coordination). Similar equipment is used by elite athletes to prepare for International competition. As well as participating in these fun activities children learnt how they could apply the skills to sporting scenarios e.g. outwitting an opponent by changing direction quickly (Agility), being able to move smoothly and quickly when controlling a ball (Co – ordination), Sprinting quickly (Speed), making a fast start (Reaction Time). After school families were invited to try out the activities with their children – a great time was had by all.

“Teacher quote”

This week, we welcomed Hunts SSP and the Sports Science event back to Somersham school. The children always have a great time, trying out lots of  activities that test agility, speed and reactions. They particularly enjoy trying to better their scores and times. It’s also lovely to see how much they support each other during the activities and respond to the guidance from the Sports Leaders, selected from our Year 5 pupils. It was a great opportunity for these year 5’s to develop their leadership skills.

Pupil Quotes: 

”I liked the link between sports and science”

”You had to have lots of stamina and speedy reactions, especially for the stacking cups”

”It was really good to be able to try everything”

” I liked it because it wasn’t a competition so you could enjoy it more”

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